Camp Coffee 101

Camp Coffee 101

Our brand ethos is better outside, so it’s only fitting we provide some tips and tricks on how to best enjoy Sunnyday wherever you may find yourself in nature. With the vast assortment of brewing methods out there, we find the best results outside come from the simplest techniques and equipment. Our recommendation is the classic french press. The french press is an immersion method of brewing, meaning you are steeping the coffee like a tea, allowing the coffee grounds contact with the water for the entire duration of the brewing. This yields a bold cup with a higher presence of the essential oils, minerality and other origin characteristics that are naturally found in our regenerative, organic coffees.


Ratio: 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 8oz of water.

Step 1 boil your water

Boil filtered water and let rest for about 1 minute. We want the water to be between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, without the use of any fancy equipment we have found that letting the water rest after boiling for about 1 minute is the simplest way to achieve this range.

Step 2 grind your Sunnyday beans

Grind to a coarse grind size. Something resembling a coarse sea salt, you should be able to easily discern individual grinds. We prefer our Basecamp Medium Roast, but our Light Roast and Dark Roast are also great options based on your preference. 

Step 3 pour in the grinds

Empty the grinds into the bottom of your french press and level them out. Simply give the filled french press a gentle shake side to side to even out the bed of coffee.

Step 4 saturate just the grinds

Top the ground coffee with enough water to cover the grinds and let rest for about 30 seconds. This is a similar process to the ‘pour over’ method, allowing the coffee to bloom which will improve the coffee's flavor.

Step 5 pour in the rest of your water

Fill the french press with your hot water, place lid of press on and enjoy nature while your coffee brews for 4 minutes. We prefer not to agitate or stir the coffee, which leads to a cleaner cup.

Nature and butterfly

Step 6 time to press

Once 4 minutes has elapsed, press the plunger but stop before it makes contact with the coffee grounds. This is an important step, which ensures that none of the ground coffee that has settled to the bottom of your press is disturbed and ends up in the bottom of your cup.

Bonus froth your milk

To really level up your camp coffee experience, warm up some milk and use your Sunnyday electric whisk to froth for about 30 seconds for an outdoor latte!

Step 8 pour and enjoy

Pour into your favorite camp mug and enjoy with a friend :) 

See you outside,

Team Sunnyday