Sunnyday's Clean Caffeine

Sunnyday's Clean Caffeine

At Sunnyday, we have a serious passion for clean caffeine. Our coffee is certified organic, regeneratively grown, tested at origin for mycotoxins, and roasted in small batches in California.

Coffee Roasting

Why Certified Organic Matters

Conventionally grown coffee can be one of the most chemically treated crops in the world. With over 200 pesticides, non-organic coffee can leave you feeling anxious, jittery, or downright terrible. We can truly feel the difference when drinking Sunnyday coffee, and we think you will too.

Where We Get Our Beans

Finca Churupampa, a progressive coffee farm in Chirinos, Peru. The Tocto brothers have transformed Finca Churupampa into a leading model for regenerative agriculture and environmentally sustainable coffee production. In addition to coffee, the Tocto brothers grow organic vegetables, tropical fruits, and have a soil management program.

Why We Care About Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a more traditional approach to farming that addresses climate change by sequestering carbon, reducing emissions, and conserving biodiversity. By adopting regenerative practices, agriculture can play a crucial role in mitigating climate change and building a more resilient food system.

The End Result, Clean Caffeine

It's better for your body, better for the planet, and most importantly better outside.