Camp Matcha 101

Many of our family and friends are newer to brewing matcha at home, while it is a straight forward process, we wanted to send a few hacks to yield a clump free and smooth sipping experience.

Step One Boil Water

Boil filtered water and let rest for about 1 minute. Just like our coffee, we want to avoid pouring boiling water onto matcha. Matcha is a delicate tea, deriving from the infant green tea leaves, pouring boiling water risks burning the ground matcha tea leaves and yielding a bitter cup.

Step Two Pour Water

Pour about 3 ounces of the heated water in to cup, filling up your cup about 1 inch with water.

Step Three Add Matcha

Sift or gently shake one scoop of matcha over the heated water

Step Four Whisk

Using your Sunnyday electric whisk, begin combining ingredients. Turn on the whisk after it is submerged in the liquid. We want to take a bit of time here to ensure we gently move the whisk around the cup, breaking up any remaining clumps of matcha that are present, about 1 minute for best results.

Step Five Tea or Latte

From here, you can add more heated water to make a matcha tea or warm your favorite milk and froth with your Sunnyday whisk to make a latte. Bonus points if you add a little sweetener to the mix. Our team adds oat milk, honey, and a dash of vanilla extract.

Step Six Pour & Enjoy

Pour into your favorite camp mug and enjoy :)