The Sunnyday Team

Bryan Spunt

Founder & CEO

I started Sunnyday with a desire to slow down and spend more time in nature with my friends and family. I'm the happiest when I find myself in the outdoors - fresh air, the sounds of nature, and a calm mind. I could not be more grateful for my friends that have joined the Sunnyday team. Fun fact, I named the company after my daughter Sunny.

Nick Monica

Head of Caffeine

The communities that I get to interact with, places I get to visit and the bounty that I get to consume from Mother Earth is why I love what I do. To me, this is how my journey in coffee and my obsession with being outside intertwine. Both cultures share so many of the same features and reverence.

Simon Kim

Head of Community & Creators

My journey began in pursuit of creating and sharing meaningful stories online. After a road trip around the US in 2021, I quickly fell in love with the outdoors. I'm now on a mission to connect creatives in nature and empower others to get outside. I hope to build a community of adventurers and creatives through Sunnyday.

Emma Jenkinson

Head of Creative

In a world that easily allows for overstimulation and disconnection, I continue to be reminded that the key to it all lies in the simple things. Moving with intention and care. Getting back to our roots. Finding regeneration, not just for our land, but for ourselves. Sunnyday and I share a vision for what we think this life should feel like - a perfect cup of coffee, enjoyed slowly alongside a deep breath of fresh air.

Jack Platner

Photo & Video

Nature creates a sense of calm and togetherness with a feeling that the earth and its beings are infinite. I cherish these moments in nature, especially near the Ocean, where I’ve learned intuitively to know where a wave will break and to ride it down the line. I bring that feeling along with me everywhere I go.

Chase Hall


I am an artist and teacher based in New York. I have been investigating alternative usage through coffee for the last 11 years. Refining grounds into alternative inks and brewed coffee into different pigments. Through this process I have learned a great amount about regenerative farming, roast quality, and much more. Sunnyday's commitment to this planet's future and its environmental potential is vital not only for coffee lovers far and wide but for the future at large.